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Juk1/ Gwan1/ Hou2/ Wan6 (祝君好運)

Juk1/ Gwan1/ Hou2/ Wan6 (祝君好運)

Thread and towel 
Dimensions variable 尺寸不限

‘I moved out of my boring old flat where I had been living for 23 years half a year ago.
The new apartment is more comfortable and better decorated than the old one. Recently, I found that the wooden floor of my new house was getting dirtier.


There were hair and dust everywhere on the ground. As I was too lazy to clean it, I had to wear slippers in my new flat every day. I remembered how cool the floor of the old house used to be, and how comfortable when I walked on the ground barefoot in the summer. The temperature change under my feet reminds me why I could walk barefoot around the old house because my mother never used mops but rags for cleaning the tiny gaps between the tiles and every corner of the flat.


Recently, I went back to my old flat and walked barefoot again on the ground, the cool feeling is still; my mother’s nagging went on as before. I brought a rag from there to my current house, hoping that by repeatedly embroidering the pattern of the tiles in my old flat, I could relieve this contradictory feeling on the towel, and record the tiny details of the past 23 years.’

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